Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter Dessert- Pretzel Rods

Happy Spring! So I don't celebrate Easter but that doesn't mean that I can enjoy some Easter desserts. Easter is a fun holiday for those who celebrate it. It's about their savior, G-d, spring time, egg hunts, chocolate and family time. Here is a good Easter recipe that you are sure to love.

Easter Pretzel Rods
12 salted pretzel rods
1 cup semi sweet
1 tbsp. shortening
yellow sprinkles
light blue sprinkles
baby pink sprinkles
purple sprinkles
light green sprinkles

Mix all sprinkles together and lay out on parchment paper

1. Melt the semi sweet chocolate in microwave for 30 seconds in shortening
2. dip the pretzel rod sticks in the chocolate and then roll the pretzels on the sprinkle mixture
3. place it down on another set of parchment paper
4. place in fridge overnight

Take out a few hours before serving. Done!