Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sweet Potato French Fries

Let's face it everyone loves french fries! If you tell me you don't then you are lying. The best kind I think we can all agree is the golden arches famous fries AKA McDonald's. Ray Crock the founder of McDonald's was famous for his fries back in the day and even today all fast food restaurant chains are compared to greasy, crispy, thin, melt in your mouth, mouth watering high calorie but delicious beyond delicious french fries. This recipe I have created is almost as good as McDonald's. I say almost because even I know that nothing will ever compare to their's LOL

Sweet Potato French Fries
6 large sweet potatoes (I normally say that 1 potato feeds 2 people).
olive oil
onion powder

1. Slice of the potatoes into thin - 2 inch - strips
2. pour oil over it
3. mix all spices together then pour fries in a bag and spices in as well.
4. mix it well. allow it to marinate it the oil and spices for a few hours mixing and rubbing every 30 minutes
5. pour olive oil into a pot and heat it up. place one fry in at  a time. THIS IS ESSENTIAL or it will clamp together. Remove once the fries turn golden brown. Pat hard with a towel removing all excess grease and unwanted fat and calories.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.