Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicken Mango Raisin Salad

So as I am sure you know by blog I love cooking, baking and coming up with new and interesting recipes. My mom, like me, is a healthy eater. She's always saying that she wants more protein. So I wanted to think of a creative and new way to get in more protein other than just eating an egg or slice of cheese. So here is a salad recipe that is so good you won't even realize how delicious it is.

1 cup salad (any kind of lettuce: romaine, butter lettuce, ice burg etc.)
1/4 cup of fresh mango cut into bit size pieces
4 tbsp. raisins
chicken thigh (we use dark meat because that's what my mom likes but white meat is fine too)
When we bake the chicken it is normally over the weekend since Friday nights we always eat chicken.
We wash the chicken, leave the skin on and sprinkle it with Season All Salt and bake it for 1 hour and 20 minutes in the oven at 350*.

1. put the salad in a bowl
2. add the chicken at room temp. (cut into pieces)
3. then add the raisins
4. then add the mango pieces
5. dressing: Thousand Island, Honey Mustard or Russian is ideal


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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites!! Love the way The Healthie Foodie makes it, too!